painter, theatre director, visual artist, animation director, stage designer.

I draw and paint.

I draw in pastels, and pencils, combining various techniques, including digital ones

I paint on canvases and boards, mostly using acrylic paints.

I also create icons and religious images, applying traditional painting and gilding techniques


1995 – MA in Animated Film from the University of Arts, Poznań

2002 – MA in The National Academy of Dramatic Art, Warsaw


At the beginning of my artistic career I worked in animation for public productions (recorded on 35mm film celluloid tape) and also in video art installations.

(1995 – individual exhibition Video Objects Galeria ON Poznań)

Subsequently I directed animated films, advertising spots (including social and charitable campaigns) and performances.

Thanks to my collaboration with the TV Studio of Animation Films in Poznan and Polish Public Television TVP, I made films that were shown at many international animation film festivals and broadcast on TV platforms around the world .

2004 - DVD film release in China comprising a series of film miniatures designed by artists for selected pieces of classical music, among which was the film I created, which was set to- Fantasie Impromptu C-sharp minorcis-moll op. 66.

After I completed my degree in Directing in 2002, I started directing and working in stage design

O mnie

Monika Martini-Madej - painter, theatre director, visual artist, animation director, stage designer.


Phone: +48 501 784 393